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Gift Guide

Chair $50

Need: 244 of 250

Come on in and pull up a chair! Will you give a student his/her very own seat at the table?

Desk $100

Need: 196 of 200

Desks are a student’s special space in the classroom—will you give a student his/her 3 sq ft of territory?

Window $250

Need: 48 of 50

Who doesn’t love a window? Let the light shine in by purchasing one today.

Door $350

Need: 126 of 130

Open up new doors at our school (figuratively and literally) by purchasing one or more below.

Whiteboard $500

Need: 40 of 40

Whiteboards are grown up chalkboards—ready to move out and set up shop in one of our new classrooms.

Fire Extinguisher $800

Need: 20 of 20

These little guys are needed all around our school. You can give your fire extinguisher a nod whenever you walk past it in our hall.

Paint $1,000

Need: 99 of 100

Provide paint for a space! Brighten our walls and halls with a splash of paint (don’t worry—no labour is required).

Student Changeroom Stall $1,500

Need: 10 of 10

A stall may be a small, enclosed space, but it plays a very big, important role when changing for gym class.

Flooring $5,000

Need: 50 of 50

Floors, floors, floors galore! You can leave us totally floored by your donation.

Retractable Basketball System $7,500

Need: 6 of 6

Basketball hoops, so our students can alley-oop! Will you score us a retractable basketball system that’s there when we need it and tucked away when we don’t?

Scoreboard $10,000

Need: 1 of 1

This scoreboard comes with an automatic display of higher scores for the home team. Okay, that would be cheating….guess we’ll just have to get a regular scoreboard and keep up our winning streaks!

Moveable Wall $12,000

Need: 2 of 2

A moveable wall is way cooler than a stationary one. Will you help us install the most impressive walls in the school?

Breakout Room $15,000

Need: 5 of 5

Big things come out of small rooms. A breakout room is a multifunctional space where students and staff can meet in smaller teams to think up great ideas and achieve major accomplishments

Student Washroom $20,000

Need: 6 of 6

Not much can be said about a washroom other than they are very essential and we need more of them. Who will purchase a loo?

Counselling Office $30,000

Need: 1 of 1

So much life formation will take place in the walls of this counselling office. By providing this space, you will be creating an environment where lives will be shaped and changed for God’s glory.

Staff Room $50,000

Need: 1 of 1

The staff room is used throughout the whole day. Providing this space will bless our teachers and administrators from morning until evening.

Classroom $60,000

Need: 11 of 11

You can give the gift of a classroom where students thrive as learners and children of God. This is where faith foundations and educational accomplishments will have a lifelong impact.

Elevator $70,000

Need: 1 of 1

It goes up, it goes down. It’s a simple piece of machinery that is exceptionally vital to those who rely on it.

Gym Floor $80,000

Need: 1 of 1

A high-quality gym floor is the solid foundation of our athletics programs. You can support our students from the ground up by giving the gift of a gym floor!

Music Room & Drama Room $250,000

Need: 2 of 2

These rooms may have a big cost, but they also have an immeasurable impact on the lives of the students within them. In these spaces, children experience the joy of creative expression, discover their God-given talents, and are a part of something much bigger than themselves.

Payment Options

If you would like to make a donation through the Buy-a-School Gift Guide, you can:

  • Donate by credit card or bank withdrawal using the form on this page
  • Donate by eTransfer, cheque, cash, or securities transfer using this form: Buy-a-School Donation Form
  • Connect with Stephanie Carroll to further discuss donation options: or 604.465.4442

Please note: all gift guide purchases are eligible for a tax receipt that will be issued in February 2022.

*These prices are not necessarily representative of the whole cost of the space/item.
**Spending of funds is confined to programs and projects approved by Maple Ridge Christian School. Each contribution directed toward an approved program or project will be used as restricted with the understanding that when the need for such a program or project has been met, or cannot be completed for any reason as determined by MRCS, the remaining restricted contributions will be redirected at the discretion of MRCS.