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September 4, 2020

Back-to-School Parent Update 

September 8th is around the corner and we have more information to prepare your family for the first day of school! We understand that this is not the usual back-to-school situation, but our commitment to your child(ren) and our Lord never changes. Here is our prayer for your family as we place this new school year at the feet of Jesus:

Dear Heavenly Father,

Every student is Your child and You care for each one with perfect love. We pray for these children as they return to school. We know You will be holding every hand. You walk with each child from the parking lot to the door of the classroom. You see every smile between friends and hear every teacher’s welcome.

Lord, You are in our lessons, our conversations, and our connections at MRCS. You are the Ultimate Teacher and every child’s Greatest Protector. We trust in You alone.

Please bless this school year and uphold all of our MRCS families. Help us be healthy, understanding, and kind–as we guide every heart, soul, and mind.

In Jesus’ Powerful Name we pray,


Back to School Video

Find out the latest health and classroom protocols as well as drop-off and pick-up procedures for Preschool to Grade 12.

Back to school video cover


Drop-off and Pick-Up Schedule

Please note your time slot according to the initial of your family’s last name:

Preschool to Grade 1:

We have designated parking spots by the North Entrance for parents of preschool to Grade 1 students who would like to exit the vehicle with their child. For those who are comfortable dropping off their children using the drop-off lane, Mrs. Puchalski will be waiting by the North Entrance to greet your child and help them line up.

Kindergarten to Grade 1 students will be in the fenced play area at the designated pick-up window for your family. Parents can either collect their child directly from this area or a staff member can escort your child to the pick-up lane.

Grades 2/3:

We are asking parents to use the drop-off lane during their designated drop-off time slot. Mrs. Hiller will be waiting by the front doors with a sign indicating that Grade 2/3 students should meet there. Your child will then be escorted to the back courtyard entrance and to their classroom.

For pick-up, the Grade 2/3 students will wait at the main playground. A teacher will then take a group of students (according to their designated pick-up time slot) to the pick-up lane where they can identify the driver and allow the student to enter his/her family vehicle.

Grades 4 to 7:

We are asking parents to use the drop-off and pick-up lane at their designated time slot. For drop-off, the student will exit the vehicle and proceed directly to their portable. At pick-up, the student will wait by their portable until they see their parent/guardian’s vehicle in the pick-up lane.

Please note: Grade 6/7 students should wear a mask when exiting their vehicle. They are allowed to remove their mask once they are inside their classroom portable.

Grade 8:

We are asking parents to use the drop-off and pick-up lane at their designated time slot. Grade 8 students will meet by the gym doors at the beginning of the day and will exit via the school front doors at the end of the day.

Ms. Francisco (formerly Mrs. Stoddard) will be teaching Grade 8 from the high school side of the Library Learning Commons.

Please note: Grade 8 students should wear a mask when exiting their vehicle. They are allowed to remove their mask once they are inside their classroom in the Library Learning Commons.

Grades 9 to 12:

Students will enter the school using the first door around the back of the building and will exit the school using the door that is closest to the tennis courts. High school students are not permitted to enter the elementary portion of the school building.

Once in the high school wing, the following students should proceed to these classrooms:

  • Grade 9: Room 24 (Ms. Charlong)
  • Grade 10: Room 25 (Mrs. Sowerby)
  • Grade 11: Room 26 (Mr. Ketchum)
  • Grade 12: Room 20 (Mrs. Wilson)

Please note: Grade 9-12 students should wear a mask when exiting their vehicle. They are allowed to remove their mask once they are inside their designated classroom.

Late-arriving students

Students who arrive at school after 8:30 AM must report to the office where their late arrival will be recorded.

Revised Health & Safety Procedures

We are doing our best to keep you informed as information is released to us from the Public Health Office and BC Ministry of Education. Last Friday, we sent out a survey that stated the school was mandated to contact Fraser Health if a child displays any illness symptoms onsite. On Saturday, new guidelines were released that changed these protocols. This is how the procedure now stands (but please keep in mind that this could change again):

  • Illness symptoms are now defined as an onset of new or unexplained symptoms that are not usually displayed by the child. For example, if a child has chronic allergies or asthma, the accompanying symptoms may not require an absence from school. However, written confirmation of the child’s medical condition may be needed from a medical professional.

Health Assessment Checklist »

  • The current guidelines state that it is no longer the school’s responsibility to contact Fraser Health if a child displays illness symptoms while onsite. Instead, a parent/guardian of the child is expected to contact a health care professional to determine the next steps in their child’s medical care.

MRCS Health and Safety Plan » (updated August 29, 2020)

Facility Improvements

In preparation for your child’s return to class, we have ensured that these facility features are in place:

  • All HVAC units have been tested and new upgraded filters have been installed
  • The portables will use an air circulation system that draws in fresh air from outside and also uses filtration equipment
  • The portables have hand sanitization stations installed
  • The portables will also be getting hand washing stations that are expected to arrive next week
  • Hand sanitizer stations have been installed throughout the school building and are next to the water bottle filling stations
  • There are traffic flow arrow signs on the floor to aid students in their hallway navigation
  • There are “Stand Here” stickers by the front office windows
  • Signage is throughout the school reminding students to wash and sanitize their hands, to not share their supplies, and for Grades 6-12 students to wear masks in common areas
  • School doors will display signage that tells the students what doors they should use to enter and exit the building

Welcome Back Chapel

Our annual “Welcome Back” chapel will be live-streamed into every school classroom! Friends and family of MRCS are invited to join in using this link at 10:40 AM on Tuesday, September 8: Chapel

High School Textbooks

If your high school student still has textbooks at home from last year, please bring them to school on Tuesday, September 8.

Library & Music Classes

Mrs. Puchalski will go to the students this year and visit them in their classrooms. She will be wearing the requisite PPE since she will be moving between learning groups. Students will still be able to check out library books throughout the year.

Mr. Davison will be teaching with the use of a custom-built plexiglass barrier. The music tables will be cleaned and sanitized between classes. There will be no shared instruments. We will be adhering to the guidelines from the BC Music Educators’ Association.

MRCS Athletics

We will be running our athletic programs according to the BC School Sports guidelines. Middle and High School teams will practice and hone skills within their assigned learning groups. Under the current regulations, there will not be tournaments or games with other schools.

MRCS Clothing

We are in the process of securing a new clothing supplier and preparing a new online clothing store that will be available for ordering throughout the school year. Since you are unable to order clothing at this time, your child can be excused from wearing an MRCS athletic shirt for their PE gym strip (if you don’t have a shirt in your child’s current size). We are working hard to get the online store up and running–we will let you know as soon as it is ready!

Meet the Teacher

Classroom teachers will be in communication with parents as the school year gets underway. We usually host a “Meet the Teacher” evening in September to further facilitate the parent-teacher relationship building process. This year, your classroom teacher will set up a time later in the month to be in touch with you.

Looking for information?

We are archiving all of our parent communication and the latest information in the Parent Update Centre (you are here!). If you have questions beyond what we’ve posted, feel free to contact the school office at (604) 465-4442 or