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Annual General Meeting Recap

Thank you to those who attended our Annual General Meeting last night! If you missed it or would like to reference it again, here is the Zoom recording and passcode:

AGM Video Recording

Access Passcode: HH=Qir5^

Lead Principal’s Report

2020 Health & Safety

Thank you to all of our staff who are giving their best effort day in and day out to ensure that student learning is happening in a safe manner. We continue to see a community effort that is phenomenal.

  • We monitor the updates very carefully, and work alongside our education partners, particularly the Federation of Independent Schools of BC as well as the Society of Christian Schools of BC.
  • We regularly review our health and safety plan and believe that these approaches, as they align with the guidelines and mandates given by the Ministries of Education and Health, are the measures that are working within our context.
  • This year our theme is being Temple-Keepers, as we are particularly focusing on our mental and social emotional well-being as we have realized that COVID and the restrictions have impacted all of us.  We are grateful for many resources and supports that have been shared with us through our network of educational partners.

Steady Enrolment

We did have a few families leave due to various reasons, including COVID. Those are hard decisions to make and I appreciated how our community communicated well and families seeking clarification reached out to us.

  • We had a 96% retention rate this year. Thank you to the MRCS community for walking with us in this season and for stepping up and truly being a mission-minded community.
  • We opened up a second kindergarten class and have already received 39 applications for the 40 spaces available
  • We continue to have many inquiries from prospective parents. Unfortunately, many of the classes they are seeking are already full, so our wait pool continues to grow.

Plans for Growth

We are thankful for the Lord’s steadfast provision of students and for families wanting to join this beautiful community.  It truly is a testament to all of you that others desire to be part of this journey and family here at MRCS.

  • We have an urgent need to create more space for families that desire Christian education.
  • We are anticipating additional revenue and broadening our student reach by offering new short term programs. Until travel restrictions allow international travel, these programs involve specialized programs for local students.

Board Report

Strategic Planning

Over a strategic planning weekend (pre-COVID), the MRCS Board of Directors met with a specialist to determine the goals and future of the school.

  • The board has transitioned from an operational board to a strategic board.
  • The board identified policies and procedures which needed review, areas to improve our financial processes, needed renovations to the school, and the continued planning of a major capital building project to replace the portables.

Staff Performance

All of the teachers and staff of the school have excelled in their roles as they have adapted to the ongoing COVID-related changes. They continue to provide a safe place for our students to learn.

  • Our Facilities Manager, Steve Grose, renovated all of our washroom facilities in summer 2020. Updates included no-touch faucets and stainless steel counters.

Accommodating Growth

Given the increasing demand for enrolment at our school, the board has been discussing the best options moving forward.

  • Closing Roots to Wings at the end of the 2022 school year will free up some urgently needed space to allow us to move forward with our new goals.
  • With our planned growth strategy, there is an urgent need to replace the portables with an expanded school building.
  • The board asked the Capital Project Task force to look into options for accommodating growth at our current location.

2019-20 Financial Update

Financial Recap for 2019-20 Fiscal Year:

  • Net surplus for the year is $454,290
  • Surplus from operations was $413,401
  • Surplus after capital spending was $286,289
  • Cash position increased by $474,518

Operational surplus from:

  • Increase in government grants
  • Fundraising and donations
  • Savings in operational costs (janitorial, utilities, maintenance, and staffing)

Capital expenses included:

  • Gym renovation
  • High school computer lab
  • High school student lounge
  • Learning support room
  • Office space updates

Capital Project Task Force Update

Building for the Future

At the board’s request, the Capital Project Task Force has been exploring options which will allow our school to grow at its current location. The task force has been busy connecting with our architects, engineers, and construction manager to examine possible solutions.

  • After much consultation, we have decided to add a third floor to the new education wing.
  • Although additional funds will be required to construct the third floor, the finishing of classrooms and facilities on the third floor can be deferred to a later date.
  • It is taking time to fine-tune the numbers as construction costs are currently volatile and it is difficult nailing down precise costs for construction that is at least one year away.

Construction Priorities

The task force has prioritize this order to go about the building plans:

  1. Replace the portables by building a classroom wing which includes a
    3rd floor that is a shell for future expansion.
  2. Renovate and/or relocate administrative office space.
  3. Build a high school gymnasium shell.
  4. Relocate the current playground and install a basic sports field.
  5. Fit out the high school gymnasium for student use.
  6. Fit out the classroom wing 3rd floor for student use.
  7. Install an upgraded sports field.

Tendering Bids

Fictorie Construction Management will be tendering bids for the specific elements of the building construction. If you own or are connected to a business that would like to be a part of our building project, we will let you know when the time comes to submit a bid to Fictorie. This is another way that we may be able to reduce the overall cost of the project, but these are savings we will only realize when we are at that stage of the process.

Capital Campaign Update

Fundraising Review

From September 2019 to March 2020, we raised funds through the:

  • Hot Lunch Program
  • Gift Card Program
  • Giving Tuesday
  • Year-end Donations
  • Spring Gala (launched the World Changers campaign)
  • Monthly Donor Campaign (also launched at the Spring Gala)

Despite set backs from COVID, fundraising did not come to grinding halt as of March of this year. Instead, over the past year to now we have been graced by:

  • 4 gala sponsors
  • 5 scholarship donors
  • 23 monthly donors
  • 105 gift card supporters
  • Many Giving Tuesday responders, year-end givers, auction bidders, Plinko players and all of the one-time donations in between
  • 100% of the Capital Project Task Force Members and
  • 100% of the MRCS Board Directors donating to the building fund and the majority continue to give on a monthly basis

Savings & Fundraising Goals

  • Our building savings account is now just over $2 million
  • We need to raise $2.5 million before breaking ground with continued fundraising to follow
  • The more we can raise, the more that can be accomplished inside the walls of the new building
  • The building project will also be funded via revenue streams such as new school programs and additional tuition from the second kindergarten class
  • There is also a $6 million loan that has been secured through the CRC Extension Fund

Capital Campaign Plans

  • Connecting with our current donors and reaching out to new ones
  • Contacting our local churches to see about forging kingdom partnerships
  • Establishing more corporate donor relationships
  • Expanding the monthly donor base
  • Submitting grants/foundation applications
  • Spreading the word via social media

Please let us know if you can help facilitate any of the above plans. We also invite you to talk about our school and have conversations about what the Lord is doing in your child’s class because it’s through your relationships that more people will become connected to MRCS.

Opening Up Giving Pathways

Check out for information about:

  • One-time donations by credit card or bank withdrawal
  • Recurring donations by credit card or bank withdrawal
  • Direct deposit e-transfers
  • Donations of stocks, bonds, or mutual funds

Current & Upcoming Fundraising Events

  • Local & Online Gift Card Program
  • Giving December
    • Donations will be matched up to $25,000 and student art cards will be given out as thank-you gifts for each donation received.
  • Spring Gala
    • The gala will be held online in early March and will include an at-home dinner option, an online silent auction. If you have auction items or suggestions, please let Stephanie Carroll know (



The MRCS Board of Directors